DIY Skin and Hair Secrets

DIY skin and hair secrets

So you feel ugly, you are poor, and you have no time to waste.

Well…join the club and get ready for our special daily use DIY skin and hair tips.

Hell yeah, forget shelling out lots of cash for skincare products – these masks with everyday ingredients are the best way to divert attention from your ugly face.


What you can use to wipe off your delicate butt can also be used on other types of sensitive skin.

Make sure you use the toiletpaper on your face first.



It may feel strange to submerge your body in warm cow shit and water, but pampering your existence in mud has a soothing effect on the experience of time.

We are sure you have some dead plants in your home that don’t need nutritients anymore.



Food can be fast, food can be yummy, and nothing beats a good kapsalon. What feeds the tummy can also feed your fur.

Vegans can go for chick peas. We don’t care.



And last but not least…you’re special so why not spread that sauce of glory all over your kisser. It might sting a bit but looking at your face directly isn’t that fun either.